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電動床 / HUKLA
4Motion Soft Visco電動床
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Varus 浪漫曲
電動床 / 德國 OCTO
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OCTO (德國電動床)
Relaxtimes (休閒椅)
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床

The latest innovation from SCHULTZ SCHLAFKULTUR:
Experience the TwinMaster.
Your dealer will be happy to advise you.
Low installed depth for flexible use
Motors built into the frame
Mechanics completely enclosed in plastic
(no metal fittings)
Auto-reverse function
Mechanical lowering in case of power outage
4x divided back section (Synchrodrive)
Firmness adjustment for the lower back area
Lordosis support
Ergonomic leg adjustment by means
of two knee joints
Individually sprung beech supports
Insulated from the power supply, no electro-smog
TwinMaster TwinMaster
Comfort Basic
Ca. 10.5 cm Ca. 8.5 cm
Encapsulated in
aluminium film
Fits into any type of bed
Innovative comfort
in any position
Complete electrical and
mechanical safety
fit to the body

New: the flattest adjustable bed frame in the world.
TwinMaster—master of its class.
Do your own performance check!
Flat frame, outstanding comfort:
• Can be lowered mechanically in the
event of a power outage
• Depth only about 10 cm*:
can be used with practically
any type of bed
• Convenient,
clear manual controls
• Electrical safety:
base station located outside the
frame, current flows only when the
controls are actuated, low-voltage
(24 V only) between the transformer
and the motors
• Individually sprung
wooden supports
• Mechanism completely
enclosed to avoid injury
TwinMaster Comfort
• Multiple joints, to fit your body
and also be kind to your mattress
• Lordosis support for the
lumbar area
• Synchrodrive: the neck area,
back area and lordosis support
are moved in synchronisation
• TwinMaster Comfort: full-frame
caps, wooden springs of beech,
encapsulated in aluminium film
• Flexible shoulder area:
optimum fit
• Individual firmness adjustment for
the lower back area: no “settling in”
• Auto-reverse function
to prevent being trapped
Elegant, flexible, safe:
Just the thing to take to bed!
Sleep relaxed and healthy, sit comfortably watching TV
and have a cosy breakfast in bed—the Westmont
TwinMaster will make you look at your bed in a whole
new light, setting innovative standards in comparison to
other adjustable beds. Choose between the groundbreaking
TwinMaster Basic or the even more luxuriously
equipped TwinMaster Comfort. The most striking feature
is the very shallow depth of only about 10.5 cm, which guarantees
easy use with practically any type of bed—from the basic
frame model to the exclusive designer bed. No matter
how hard you look for the bulky motor under the bed
frame, you won’t find it, because the motor is built into
the frame itself.
Not only does this look much better, but it also makes
vacuuming under the bed much easier and safer.
The TwinMaster has been developed in line with the very
latest medical findings with regard to a healthy back.
With its particularly large number of joints and its multizone
system, the TwinMaster moulds itself perfectly to
your body. Another special feature is the unique lordosis
support in the lumbar area. All the zones are adjusted in
synchronisation, thereby matching perfectly with one
another (Synchrodrive).
Safety in every position: the TwinMaster has an autoreverse
function, which means that it stops and raises itself
automatically if any resistance is encountered during
the lowering process. Another very important feature: the
bed itself is completely insulated from the power supply,
which also means no electro-smog. The current flows only
when the controls are actuated. The base station, transformer
and controls are located outside the bed itself (e.g.
on the bedside table).

Relax4 Platform is a fully integrated combination of slat system and power drive unit. There is no foam core included. The platform is used as a plain elastic base for all mattresses that are suitable for adjustable systems. Relax4 can also be integrated into customary bed systems or be used as a ”Stand Alone“ unit.

   電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床

A thin air permeable PU-foam layer covers the 4Motion Technique and, together with the integrated slat system, meets the demands of planar elasticity. Two cover colours (grey and white) are available. The added chrome mattress holder prevents mattresses from slipping down.

The system has an infrared control as standard.

電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床

電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床

Back friendly:
Integrated lordosis support for
relief of the spinal column

In case of power failure:
The mattress can be
lowered by hand

The Relax4 Insert System can optionally be used as a stand alone Version when supplied with the aluminium foot bars set.


  • is a flat, elastic motorized bed system with four motors for all mattresses that are suitable for adjustable systems
  • is a ready made product for end consumers
  • is a technology with a high safety level. Cables, metal fittings & motors are completely encapsulated and avoid injuries
  • operated by an extremely user-friendly infrared control
  • provides additional space below the bed for the end consumer
  • is a motorized bed system with a high degree of comfort and contemporary design
  • offers the unique support of the spinal column (lordosis support).

Relax4 - CONTROL

The system has an infrared-control as a standard.

The complete power and control unit of the drives is located in a separate box that has to be placed outside of the bed system. The pluggable cable connection only carries a protection low voltage (DC) when the system is operated. If the system is not in operation it is completely disconnected from the mains. For additional security the system is supplied with an overload circuit breaker and a thermo switch.

電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床


- base station external to the frame
- illuminated display – self-explanatory piloting
- emergency off function (NFS)
- low voltage (24V) only while in operation
- toroid transformer and electronic in base station
- transmitting range approx. 10 – 30 metres
- two channels (A / B) adjustable for independent operation of two systems
- manufactured according to VDE (ASSOCIATION OF GERMAN ELECTRICIANS),   protection class II


As an option, an aluminium set of foot bars is available in the heights 20 cm.

The Relax4 Insert System can optionally be used as a ”Stand Alone“ Version when supplied with the aluminium foot bars set (height: 20 ).

電動床 / WESTMONT / Schultz - TwinMaster FAMILY電動床
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